Taraneya theater

Teatro TaraneyaTARANEYA Theatre was created in 1.981 in Spain. Its director is Jesús Benedicto Dumall (Toy).

We have produced more than 20 different shows with a variety of technics such the glove puppets, marionettes, rod puppets, and even the sophisticate japanesse Kuruma-Ningyo whose master Ruigi Nishikawa had teached us.

In 1.987 we made the coproduction Don Quijote with the swedish Marionettheater of Stockholm , regie by Michael Meschke.

We have study with many masters of puppetry like Athanas Ilkov from Bulgaria and U Pan Aye from Myanmar. But we have learned much more from the public…

Since 1.995 we organize the programme Puppets on the road, in which have been performing more than 80 puppetthatre troups from all around the world.
Our international activity is one of the most important. We have been performing in many countries like Sweden, Bulgaria, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Argentina, México, Equator, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Myanmar, …

Our show called The Globetrotter has got the third price in the International Puppettheatre Festival in Békèscsaba (Hungary )

In the last ten years we have developed a great work with puppet masters in South-East Asia. As a result of this work we set up de exhibition TARANEYA COLLECTION , South-east Asian Puppets , with more than 200 puppets made by big puppet masters in each country.


Teatro Taraneya Teatro Taraneya