The globetrotter

El trotamundosTechnique: Puppet umbrella, glove
Audience: Family
Space stage: Mouthpiece of five meters, depth of four meters and height of three meters. Outdoors or indoors.
Duration: 55 minutes
Music: whistled and tambourine, flute, oboe, etc..
Puppeteer: Toy Benedicto
Written and directed by Toy Benedicto
Synopsis: Entertainment consists of several short plays counted by a puppeteer who has been around the world.

Third Prize at the International Festival Bekescsaba, Hungary.

Artistic memory

This is a show where raw communication with the public equally regardless of age.

The main character is, as its name suggests, a kindly-looking wanderer in a long coat which one calculates the Moon can be found.

The originality of staging using an umbrella as the main element, the songs performed live with different instruments for the companion of globetrotting and a text composed of blind romance and unusual limericks make connecting with the audience from the first verse. ..

... How exciting ...... are the first moments of a play! ......... Do not you think? .....

The tenderness is mixed with the dramatic tension of the most classic games titiritescos.

In adults-only version includes a theatrical short concerning the war ... "Yugoslavia" and one made with the technique of tongue.

This show has been featured in several international festivals in Belgium, Budapest, and Nyirbator Bekescsaba (Hungary), Perugia, Udine, Genoa, Naples (Italy), Bangkok (Thailand), Culiacan, Sinaloa state, Hermosillo, Navojoa, Nogales (State Sonora), Mexico City (Mexico), Quito and Ambato (Ecuador) and others in the Spanish state.

This show has been translated into English, Italian, Thai and Catalan, interpreted at each site in your language.


El trotamundos

A character continuous journey through life comes with its accompanying musician. Your business card is a short five-minute theatrical which recites a limerick, or short poem meaningless.

"There was a friendly puppet Aragon
That everyone was fascinated with his umbrella and hat
When he was about to open his heart
He thought best left for another time
That kind and poor Puppeteer "

It is obviously staging the real visual poem using two umbrellas.

Then hear the story of D. Santander, who was married to his wife ... that tells a story of separation humorous.

After witnessing the persecution of the rabbit by the coyote, short of pure theatrical glove puppet.

Finally the puppeteer decides globetrotter has a wedding. This Wedding Louse and the Flea, which as everyone knows, ends badly ....

We .... flour, wine, who sing and dance who ... godmother came and ate the godfather ...