The Iberian donkey

El burro ibéricoTechnical puppet hanger (pupillary) and glove
Toy puppeteers Benedict and Teresa Sesé
Duration: 50 minutes.
Show for family audiences indoors or outdoors.
Mounting 90 minutes.
Need stage.

This show has participated in international festivals such as Sinaloa (Mexico, 2002) and Quito (Ecuador, 2003)

Synopsis :

Stories are narrated here donkey. All are drawn from popular culture, which, as its name suggests, belongs to the people.

The first is the story of a father, a son and a donkey. The three are walking to the market. Along the way they appear a series of clever characters who criticize. The father, son and the donkey are changing their behavior according to the reviews they receive until, finding himself criticized in any of your options, decide to ignore anyone.

El burro ibéricoAnother is the story of a peasant who goes with his donkey at the request of his wife to buy a jacket on the market. Once in the market all the money is spent in the pub drunk and has to return home empty and where he clearly expected punishment. For the fever decides to leave his old jacket over the donkey, who walks a few feet before him. At night, by a gesture from the donkey, donkey jacket falls and see the drunken amazed at his luck thinking he has found a new jacket that delivers him from punishment. Again, hangs in the meek​​, and again, arriving home, the animal throws it back. This time, when he sees the farmer decides to throw into the river thinking that jacket is too much coat.

All these stories are simply folktales we can find, at least referenced, in the classical literature of each country. In fact the first one we find in part on Count Lucanor, but also at the same time, a Senegalese folk tale ... And so with the rest, as we see in the Aragonese ballads.